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We've created a platform to spread positivity in our community.

 Benita White Arnold TalkShow be recognizing individuals that have been nominated as an Amazing Region Person of the week. Basically, we are looking for individuals who are either stil living in the Regionor once lived in the region who are simply living Amazing or have assisted others to live Amazing lives.

The Steps Are..

You Vote

Fill in our form & tell us why your candidate should be on our show. It only takes 10 minutes.

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We Select

We read through hundreds of submissions & select the person who is best for this weeks show.

Learn My Mission

Winner Interview

The winner will be on our show & asked why they are achieving greatness, what drives them & we spread their positive message,

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Benita White Arnold & Friends Talk Show will not be focusing on problems that we are facing in our community.  Benita White Arnold Talk Show has been created to give serious conversational solutions! The Show will be geared toward highlighting and spotlighting positive programs, people and organizations that are either making a positive difference;;



To be an inspiration and to encourage parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, social groups, business owners, etc. to become proactive in any way in their immediate surroundings.  To create an “I Can” attitude towards making a difference in the Region.


If you are interest in being part of our game show as a contestant or maybe you want to advertise on our show, we have many opportunities for you. Feel free to click on the button below to learn more about the options i offer. 


Benita’s Looking for your Story!  Call or Email today! Have a show idea? Please let Benita know! Please fill in the form below i will respond as soon as possible.

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